Velero Install CLI

This document serves as a guide to using the velero install CLI command to install velero server components into your kubernetes cluster.

NOTE: velero install will, by default, use the CLI’s version information to determine the version of the server components to deploy. This behavior may be overridden by using the --image flag. Refer to Building Server Component Container Images.


This section explains some of the basic flags supported by the velero install CLI command. For a complete explanation of the flags, please run velero install --help

velero install \
    --provider <YOUR_PROVIDER> \
    --bucket <YOUR_BUCKET> \
    --secret-file <PATH_TO_FILE> \
    --velero-pod-cpu-request <CPU_REQUEST> \
    --velero-pod-mem-request <MEMORY_REQUEST> \
    --velero-pod-cpu-limit <CPU_LIMIT> \
    --velero-pod-mem-limit <MEMORY_LIMIT> \
    [--use-restic] \
    [--default-volumes-to-restic] \
    [--restic-pod-cpu-request <CPU_REQUEST>] \
    [--restic-pod-mem-request <MEMORY_REQUEST>] \
    [--restic-pod-cpu-limit <CPU_LIMIT>] \
    [--restic-pod-mem-limit <MEMORY_LIMIT>]

The values for the resource requests and limits flags follow the same format as Kubernetes resource requirements For plugin container images, please refer to our supported providers page.


This section provides examples that serve as a starting point for more customized installations.

velero install --provider gcp --plugins velero/velero-plugin-for-gcp:v1.0.0 --bucket mybucket --secret-file ./gcp-service-account.json

velero install --provider aws --plugins velero/velero-plugin-for-aws:v1.0.0 --bucket backups --secret-file ./aws-iam-creds --backup-location-config region=us-east-2 --snapshot-location-config region=us-east-2 --use-restic

velero install --provider azure --plugins velero/velero-plugin-for-microsoft-azure:v1.0.0 --bucket $BLOB_CONTAINER --secret-file ./credentials-velero --backup-location-config resourceGroup=$AZURE_BACKUP_RESOURCE_GROUP,storageAccount=$AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID[,subscriptionId=$AZURE_BACKUP_SUBSCRIPTION_ID] --snapshot-location-config apiTimeout=<YOUR_TIMEOUT>[,resourceGroup=$AZURE_BACKUP_RESOURCE_GROUP,subscriptionId=$AZURE_BACKUP_SUBSCRIPTION_ID]
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.