Update generated files

Run make update to regenerate files if you make the following changes:

  • Add/edit/remove command line flags and/or their help text
  • Add/edit/remove commands or subcommands
  • Add new API types
  • Add/edit/remove plugin protobuf message or service definitions

The following files are automatically generated from the source code:

  • The clientset
  • Listers
  • Shared informers
  • Documentation
  • Protobuf/gRPC types

You can run make verify to ensure that all generated files (clientset, listers, shared informers, docs) are up to date.


You can run make lint which executes golangci-lint inside the build image, or make local-lint which executes outside of the build image. Both make lint and make local-lint will only run the linter against changes.

Use lint-all to run the linter against the entire code base.

The default linters are defined in the Makefile via the LINTERS variable.

You can also override the default list of linters by running the command

$ make lint LINTERS=gosec


To run unit tests, use make test.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.