Backup Reference

Exclude Specific Items from Backup

It is possible to exclude individual items from being backed up, even if they match the resource/namespace/label selectors defined in the backup spec. To do this, label the item as follows:

kubectl label -n <ITEM_NAMESPACE> <RESOURCE>/<NAME>

Specify Backup Orders of Resources of Specific Kind

To backup resources of specific Kind in a specific order, use option –ordered-resources to specify a mapping Kinds to an ordered list of specific resources of that Kind. Resource names are separated by commas and their names are in format ‘namespace/resourcename’. For cluster scope resource, simply use resource name. Key-value pairs in the mapping are separated by semi-colon. Kind name is in plural form.

velero backup create backupName --include-cluster-resources=true --ordered-resources 'pods=ns1/pod1,ns1/pod2;persistentvolumes=pv4,pv8' --include-namespaces=ns1
velero backup create backupName --ordered-resources 'statefulsets=ns1/sts1,ns1/sts0' --include-namespaces=ns1
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.