Velero Volume Snapshot Location

Volume Snapshot Location

A volume snapshot location is the location in which to store the volume snapshots created for a backup.

Velero can be configured to take snapshots of volumes from multiple providers. Velero also allows you to configure multiple possible VolumeSnapshotLocation per provider, although you can only select one location per provider at backup time.

Each VolumeSnapshotLocation describes a provider + location. These are represented in the cluster via the VolumeSnapshotLocation CRD. Velero must have at least one VolumeSnapshotLocation per cloud provider.

A sample YAML VolumeSnapshotLocation looks like the following:

kind: VolumeSnapshotLocation
  name: aws-default
  namespace: velero
  provider: aws
    region: us-west-2
    profile: "default"

Parameter Reference

The configurable parameters are as follows:

Main config parameters

Main config parameters
Key Type Default Meaning
provider String Required Field The name for whichever storage provider will be used to create/store the volume snapshots. See [your volume snapshot provider’s plugin documentation][0] for the appropriate value to use.
config map[string]string None (Optional) Provider-specific configuration keys/values to be passed to the volume snapshotter plugin. See [your volume snapshot provider’s plugin documentation][0] for details.
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.