Velero Backup Storage Locations

Backup Storage Location

Velero can store backups in a number of locations. These are represented in the cluster via the BackupStorageLocation CRD.

Velero must have at least one BackupStorageLocation. By default, this is expected to be named default, however the name can be changed by specifying --default-backup-storage-location on velero server. Backups that do not explicitly specify a storage location will be saved to this BackupStorageLocation.

A sample YAML BackupStorageLocation looks like the following:

kind: BackupStorageLocation
  name: default
  namespace: velero
  backupSyncPeriod: 2m0s
  provider: aws
    bucket: myBucket
    region: us-west-2
    profile: "default"

Parameter Reference

The configurable parameters are as follows:

Main config parameters

Key Type Default Meaning
provider String Required Field The name for whichever object storage provider will be used to store the backups. See your object storage provider’s plugin documentation for the appropriate value to use.
objectStorage ObjectStorageLocation Required Field Specification of the object storage for the given provider.
objectStorage/bucket String Required Field The storage bucket where backups are to be uploaded.
objectStorage/prefix String Optional Field The directory inside a storage bucket where backups are to be uploaded.
config map[string]string None (Optional) Provider-specific configuration keys/values to be passed to the object store plugin. See your object storage provider’s plugin documentation for details.
accessMode String ReadWrite How Velero can access the backup storage location. Valid values are ReadWrite, ReadOnly.
backupSyncPeriod metav1.Duration Optional Field How frequently Velero should synchronize backups in object storage. Default is Velero’s server backup sync period. Set this to 0s to disable sync.
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.