Website Guidelines

Running the website locally

When making changes to the website, please run the site locally before submitting a PR and manually verify your changes.

At the root of the project, run:

make serve-docs

This runs all the Ruby dependencies in a container.

Alternatively, for quickly loading the website, under the velero/site/ directory run:

bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload --future

For more information on how to run the website locally, please see our jekyll documentation.

Adding a blog post

The author_name value must also be included in the tags field so the page that lists the author’s posts will work properly (Ex:

Note that the tags field can have multiple values.


author_name: Carlisia Campos
tags: ['Carlisia Campos', "release", "how-to"]

Please add an image

If there is no image added to the header of the post, the default Velero logo will be used. This is fine, but not ideal.

If there’s an image that can be used as the blog post icon, the image field must be set to:

image: /img/posts/<your_image_name.png>

This image file must be added to the /site/img/posts folder.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.