Restore Reference

Restoring Into a Different Namespace

Velero can restore resources into a different namespace than the one they were backed up from. To do this, use the --namespace-mappings flag:

velero restore create RESTORE_NAME \
  --from-backup BACKUP_NAME \
  --namespace-mappings old-ns-1:new-ns-1,old-ns-2:new-ns-2

Changing PV/PVC Storage Classes

Velero can change the storage class of persistent volumes and persistent volume claims during restores. To configure a storage class mapping, create a config map in the Velero namespace like the following:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  # any name can be used; Velero uses the labels (below)
  # to identify it rather than the name
  name: change-storage-class-config
  # must be in the velero namespace
  namespace: velero
  # the below labels should be used verbatim in your
  # ConfigMap.
    # this value-less label identifies the ConfigMap as
    # config for a plugin (i.e. the built-in change storage
    # class restore item action plugin) ""
    # this label identifies the name and kind of plugin
    # that this ConfigMap is for. RestoreItemAction
  # add 1+ key-value pairs here, where the key is the old
  # storage class name and the value is the new storage
  # class name.
  <old-storage-class>: <new-storage-class>
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.