Ark version 0.7.0 and later: issue with deleting namespaces and backups

Version 0.7.0 introduced the ability to delete backups. However, you may encounter an issue if you try to delete the heptio-ark namespace. The namespace can get stuck in a terminating state, and you cannot delete your backups. To fix:

  1. If you don’t have it, install jq.

  2. Run:

    bash <(kubectl -n heptio-ark get backup -o json | jq -c -r $'.items[] | "kubectl -n heptio-ark patch backup/" + + " -p \'" + (({metadata: {finalizers: ( (.metadata.finalizers // []) - [""]), resourceVersion: .metadata.resourceVersion}}) | tostring) + "\' --type=merge"')

This command retrieves a list of backups, then generates and runs another list of commands that look like:

kubectl -n heptio-ark patch backup/my-backup -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":[],"resourceVersion":"461343"}}' --type=merge
kubectl -n heptio-ark patch backup/some-other-backup -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":[],"resourceVersion":"461718"}}' --type=merge

If you encounter errors that tell you patching backups is not allowed, the Ark CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) might have been deleted. To fix, recreate the CRDs using examples/common/00-prereqs.yaml, then follow the steps above.

Mitigate the issue in Ark version 0.7.1 and later

In Ark version 0.7.1, the default configuration runs the Ark server in a different namespace from the namespace for backups, schedules, restores, and the Ark config. We strongly recommend that you keep this configuration. This approach can help prevent issues with deletes.

For the curious: why the error occurs

The Ark team added the ability to delete backups by adding a finalizer to each backup. When you request the deletion of an object that has at least one finalizer, Kubernetes sets the object’s deletion timestamp, which indicates that the object is marked for deletion. However, it does not immediately delete the object. Instead, the object is deleted only when it no longer has any finalizers. This means that something – in this case, Ark – must process the backup and then remove the Ark finalizer from it.

Ark versions earlier than v0.7.1 place the Ark server pod in the same namespace as backups, restores, schedules, and the Ark config. If you try to delete the namespace, with kubectl delete namespace/heptio-ark, the Ark server pod might be deleted before the backups, because the order of deletions is arbitrary. If this happens, the remaining bacukps are stuck in a deleting state, because the Ark server pod no longer exists to remove their finalizers.

Getting Started

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