Heptio Ark currently supports executing commands in containers in pods during a backup.

Backup Hooks

When performing a backup, you can specify one or more commands to execute in a container in a pod when that pod is being backed up. There are two ways to specify hooks: annotations on the pod itself, and in the Backup spec.

Specifying Hooks As Pod Annotations

You can use the following annotations on a pod to make Ark execute a hook when backing up the pod:

Annotation Name Description The container where the command should be executed. Defaults to the first container in the pod. Optional. The command to execute. If you need multiple arguments, specify the command as a JSON array, such as ["/usr/bin/uname", "-a"] What to do if the command returns a non-zero exit code. Defaults to Fail. Valid values are Fail and Continue. Optional. How long to wait for the command to execute. The hook is considered in error if the command exceeds the timeout. Defaults to 30s. Optional.

Specifying Hooks in the Backup Spec

Please see the documentation on the Backup API Type for how to specify hooks in the Backup spec.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.