Run in custom namespace

In Velero version 0.7.0 and later, you can run Velero in any namespace. To do so, you specify the namespace in the YAML files that configure the Velero server. You then also specify the namespace when you run Velero client commands.

Edit the example files

The Velero release tarballs include a set of example configs that you can use to set up your Velero server. The examples place the server and backup/schedule/restore/etc. data in the velero namespace.

To run the server in another namespace, you edit the relevant files, changing velero to your desired namespace.

To store your backups, schedules, restores, and config in another namespace, you edit the relevant files, changing velero to your desired namespace. You also need to create the cloud-credentials secret in your desired namespace.

First, ensure you’ve downloaded & extracted the latest release.

For all cloud providers, edit config/common/00-prereqs.yaml. This file defines:

  • CustomResourceDefinitions for the Velero objects (backups, schedules, restores, downloadrequests, etc.)
  • The namespace where the Velero server runs
  • The namespace where backups, schedules, restores, etc. are stored
  • The Velero service account
  • The RBAC rules to grant permissions to the Velero service account


For AWS, edit:

  • config/aws/05-backupstoragelocation.yaml
  • config/aws/06-volumesnapshotlocation.yaml
  • config/aws/10-deployment.yaml


For Azure, edit:

  • config/azure/00-deployment.yaml
  • config/azure/05-backupstoragelocation.yaml
  • config/azure/06-volumesnapshotlocation.yaml


For GCP, edit:

  • config/gcp/05-backupstoragelocation.yaml
  • config/gcp/06-volumesnapshotlocation.yaml
  • config/gcp/10-deployment.yaml


For IBM, edit:

  • config/ibm/05-backupstoragelocation.yaml
  • config/ibm/10-deployment.yaml

Specify the namespace in client commands

To specify the namespace for all Velero client commands, run:

velero client config set namespace=<NAMESPACE_VALUE>
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.