Here you will find external resources about Velero, such as videos, podcasts, and community articles.

All community meetings

Podcast shows


  • Kubecon NA 2019 - How to Backup and Restore Your Kubernetes Cluster - Annette Clewett & Dylan Murray, Red Hat:

  • Kubernetes Back Up, Restore and Migration with Velero - A NewStack interview, with guests: Carlisia Campos, Tom Spoonemore, and Efri Nattel-Shayo:

  • How to migrate applications between Kubernetes clusters using Velero:

  • TGIK 080: Velero 1.0:

  • Watch our recent webinar on backup and migration strategies:

  • Velero demo by Just me and Opensource - [ Kube 45 ] Velero - Backup & Restore Kubernetes Cluster:

Blog posts

  • How to Make Up for Kubernetes’ Disaster Recovery Shortfalls - by Carlisia Campos

  • Project Velero 1.2 on OpenShift 3.11 - Backup and Restore (and backup to NFS) - by Rafael Brito

  • Backing Up Your Kubernetes Applications with Velero v1.1 - by Joe Mann

  • Using Velero for K8s Backup and Restore of CSI Volumes - by Myles Gray

  • “Kubernetes Backup: Improve already awesome Velero with OpenEBS” - by Harshita Sharma

  • Two great blog posts by community member Imran Pochi:

  • Cormac Hogan has written a series of blog posts on Velero:

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