Velero supports a variety of storage providers for different backup and snapshot operations. Velero has a plugin system which allows anyone to add compatibility for additional backup and volume storage platforms without modifying the Velero codebase.

Velero supported providers

Provider Object Store Volume Snapshotter Plugin
AWS S3 AWS S3 AWS EBS Velero plugin AWS
Azure Blob Storage Azure Blob Storage Azure Managed Disks Velero plugin Azure
Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage Google Compute Engine Disks Velero plugin GCP

Contact: Slack, GitHub Issue

Community supported providers

Provider Object Store Volume Snapshotter Plugin Contact
Portworx 🚫 Portworx Volume Portworx Slack, GitHub Issue
DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Object Storage DigitalOcean Volumes Block Storage StackPointCloud
OpenEBS 🚫 OpenEBS CStor Volume OpenEBS Slack, GitHub Issue
AlibabaCloud 🚫 Alibaba Cloud AlibabaCloud GitHub Issue
Hewlett Packard 🚫 HPE Storage Hewlett Packard Slack, GitHub Issue

S3-Compatible object store providers

Velero's AWS Object Store plugin uses Amazon's Go SDK to connect to the AWS S3 API. Some third-party storage providers also support the S3 API, and users have reported the following providers work with Velero:

Note that these storage providers are not regularly tested by the Velero team.

Some storage providers, like Quobyte, may need a different signature algorithm version.

Non-supported volume snapshots

In the case you want to take volume snapshots but didn't find a plugin for your provider, Velero has support for snapshotting using restic. Please see the restic integration documentation.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.