Do you want to help build Velero?

If you’re a newcomer, check out the “ Good first issue” and “ Help wanted” labels in the Velero repository.

If you are ready to jump in and test, add code, or help with documentation, follow the instructions on our Start contributing documentation for guidance on how to setup Velero for development.

You can follow the work we do, see our milestones, and our backlog on our GitHub project boards.

  • Follow us on Twitter at @projectvelero
  • Join our Kubernetes Slack channel and talk to over 800 other community members: #velero
  • Join our Google Group to get updates on the project and invites to community meetings.
  • Join the Velero community meetings:
  • Have a question about “how do I configure Velero to do X?”, or “how can I backup X with Velero?”, or “how do I start to contribute to Velero?” and would like to chat with us face to face, come join the Velero Office Hours that’s held twice per month.
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.